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BrownRecluse - Descarcă BrownRecluse, versiunea 1.62

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BrownRecluse is an all-in-one software utility for writing your own custom scripts. You can edit and manipulate existing scripts, and tinker with them to your heart’s content. These scripts are perfect to create and process information for websites. They are seamless in the creation of complex databases as well.
If you wanted to edit and manipulate scripts and databases, BrownRecluse is exactly what you need. The software makes everything accomplishable without the need for a ton of options, plug-ins or filters. It is simple and intuitive, helping you get your job done.
BrownRecluse runs in SBL (Spider Bot Language), an easy to use programming language. It will be familiar to programmers due to its compatibility with programming code from Pascal, C++, VB and JavaScript. It is versatile and has a multitude of features, making it suitable for internet spiders.
It is convenient for web programmers as it takes care of the mundane issues such as fetching script code from the web. Just input the target URL and BrownRecluse takes care of the scripts and the files. You can easily get to work in a jiffy. Getting database information about anything be it online stores, real estate service providers and more never gets simpler than this.
BrownRecluse is simple to use, yet powerful with its options. The editor and the windows can be configured as you wish, allowing you to use the utility as you wish. Don’t any waste time by watching your code compile into an executable file first when you can directly run it with BrownRecluse.


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